About the President

The president of Wicker Renovations LLC, Will Wicker, has been in the construction business for over 15 years doing all handy-man related work. Not only has he mastered many trades including tiling, painting, staining, refinishing, and remodeling, he has developed great relationships with his clients. He is outgoing and personable and loves getting to know each one of his clients on more than just a business level. He is meticulous and pays great attention to detail. If his clients aren’t happy with the work done, neither is he. Will is a family man. He is an amazing husband and dad and brings these family oriented values to the job with him each day. He’s a man of integrity, trustworthy, and loyal.


Will started in the painting industry with his dad and brothers. He painted for many years and then their company started to get into small remodels. He loved this kind of work after spending so much time painting. It was a great change. Will loves learning new skills and doing so many small remodels equipped him with the knowledge and expertise to do all kinds of home improvement projects.

Will Wicker - President